The Nootropics Professionals Use
To Sharpen Focus and Enter Flow States
For Peak Performance

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99-day money back guarantee 

Only 100 Offers Available!

Offer includes a recurring subscription of Alchemy Blends™ 20-Serving (30) days after initial order, then every 30 days thereafter for $39/month + free shipping (CA tax applies).

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Only 100 Offers Available!

Your Drive for Success Shouldn’t Cost Your Health

Motivated professionals
face common enemies:

Exhaustion • Burnout • Procrastination

The Cost of Quick Fixes

The Alchemy Solution:

Efficient, Effective, Elite.

As a high-level performer,
every decision counts

Choose Alchemy Blends for
a sharp, clear, & resilient mind every day.

11 Premium Ingredients for
Peak Brain Health & Performance

"I've tried those mushroom coffees and coffee alternatives, but they either were gross or they really didn't do anything for me. I finally found something I can instantly feel and I can enjoy it with my own coffee. "
Kat Hood
Business Technology Consultant

How Does Alchemy Blends Work?

This premier blend of nootropics enhances mental clarity and sustains peak cognitive performance.

Improved Brain Function

Alchemy Blends delivers enduring, well-balanced energy, enabling you to enter  prolonged flow state.

Healthy Energy

Alchemy Blends offers sustained, healthy energy for neurological functions without overstimulation or crashes.

Instant Absorption

Alchemy Blends in hot coffee: Quick, deep-acting for enhanced cognitive function.

Sustained Laser Focus

Alchemy Blends induces a serene, harmonious, and attentive state throughout the entire day.

Alchemy Blends in Your Coffee

"Our Master Group is working on very high-level projects that demand attention, cohesion, and motivation.  Not only do the founders of Alchemy Blends resonate with the work we do, but the formulation they created is incredible and is a vital part of my morning ritual."
Ferananda Ibarra
Executive Director Commons Engine
"Since integrating Alchemy Blends into my morning coffee, I've honed my ability to work more intelligently, enabling me to optimize efficiency and get results."
Peter Cobabe
Founder PonoAI

Team Alchemy Formulators

Ken Currington
CEO of Team Alchemy

“In 2022 I moved to Maui where I met a group of alchemists. In our labs we made potent and refined alchemical formulas.

We formed Team Alchemy and decided on one goal, turn coffee into a healthy brain tonic.”

Josh Pellicer
Lead Alchemist

“Being an entrepreneur brought me financial rewards. However, when I shifted my focus to alchemy, I realized the possibilities were even greater.

In our laboratories, we were extracting the essence of plants and minerals into potent tonics that refine mental clarity and awaken inner strengths.

With Team Alchemy we decided to bring these immortal health elixirs to the world.”

Prashanti De Jagar
Ayurvedic Teacher
Founder of Organic India

“As an ayurvedic teacher I have worked with many companies and created thousands of formulas. When I walked into the alchemy labs in Maui with Josh, Peter, and Ken and saw the work they were doing, I was impressed.

While sipping their formula, the flavor, potency, and harmony were there. I realized I had a treasure from the Himalayas that would complete the formula. This is Jyotishmati, also known as the ‘light of the mind’ which opens the intellect and promotes balance and harmony.


The Alchemy Blends Formulation


Amino Acids & Choline

By replenishing neurotransmitters, L-Tyrosine can enhance alertness, mental clarity, and resilience to stress, making it extremely valuable during demanding cognitive tasks or high-stress situations.

Increasing levels of neurotransmitters such as GABA, serotonin, and dopamine, L-theanine fosters a sense of tranquility while simultaneously enhancing cognitive function.

By modulating neurotransmitters, taurine helps to maintain optimal brain function, supporting improved focus, mental clarity, and mood stability.

By increasing acetylcholine levels in the brain, Alpha GPC promotes improved focus, concentration, and memory retention.


Plant Extracts

By promoting the growth and repair of neurons, Lion’s Mane supports improved cognitive function, memory, and focus.

By facilitating dopamine levels in the brain, Mucuna pruriens promotes enhanced cognitive performance, focus, and mental clarity.

Gotu Kola possesses adaptogenic properties, helping the body better cope with stress and anxiety, which can positively impact cognitive performance.

Jyotishmati has been shown to improve memory, concentration, and mental clarity by enhancing cholinergic transmission in the brain.



Cryo-extracted minerals are highly bioavailable and play crucial roles in neurotransmitter synthesis, enzymatic reactions, and overall brain function.

By supporting the function of NMDA receptors and modulating neurotransmitter activity, magnesium threonate enhances cognitive performance, memory retention, and overall brain function.

Fast Absorption


As a medium-chain fatty acid, caprylic acid (C8 MCT) is known for its ability to readily cross the blood-brain barrier, allowing it to exert direct effects on brain function. Once in the brain, caprylic acid serves as a readily available source of energy for neurons, supporting enhanced cognitive performance, focus, and mental clarity.

"Since discovering Alchemy Blends my focus and productivity have significantly improved. I finally realize what 'flow state' truly means."
Hayden Tucker
Former CEO Trusteel, LLC
"I've traveled the world and tried many healing medicines.  Nothing has allowed me to drop into a calm, focused, mental flow-state like Alchemy Blends allows me to do every day.  Honestly, I didn't even drink coffee until I discovered it."
Nikaya T
Professional Musician and Designer

Are You Ready To...

Alchemize Your Coffee

From Foggy & Unfocused to Energized and Lit Up
Before After

High-level professionals don’t function optiminally on coffee alone, they are smart and add these brain enhancing nootropics. 

No.  Alchemy Blends should be added to YOUR coffee.  You know how you like your coffee (sweet/not sweet, cream, etc).  You can also add it to decaf, or any other drink of your choice.

No. None of these ingredients are classified as addictive, according to the NIH.

Alchemy Blends is a healthy formulation of 11 ingredients that are perfect for daily use.
We have customers, friends, and family who have been taking it everyday for over a year and their feedback gets better and better over time. So many are saying “I wouldn’t go another day in my life without my Alchemy Coffee.”

 Alchemy Blends works great with other things like smoothies, chai, cacao beverages. Even though it was designed to work with coffee and the caffeine in it, you can still get amazing benefits adding it to your favorite decaf beverage!

Team Alchemy is well educated in nootropics, and yes, we too follow Dr. Huberman.  While we could have “thrown the kitchen sick” into our formulation, what we have created is a well-orchestrated symphony of nootropics that not only promote immediate benefits of calm focus, but, more importantly, promote longevity.  Every ingredient is safe to be taken as part of your daily routine and promotes long-term health benefits.
Another important aspect of our formula is how it tastes in coffee.  Delivery method is a very important aspect of taking supplements.  The flavor profile works well in coffee, cocao, and chai.

This can be a difficult answer as everyone is different (similar to taste), but from our experience you can start to feel the benefits in as short as 10 minutes into sipping your coffee.  You may feel a nice, calm energy come over you.  Compared to the jittery, high-pitched energy from your non-Alchemy coffee, you will feel calmer, focused, and patient.  A much better mental state to be in to start your day.  This feeling can last anywhere from 3 hours through the rest of the day.

No.  There is nothing in Alchemy Blends that gets you “high” [sorry to disappoint if that is what you were looking for ;-) ]
All the ingredients in Alchemy Blends are safe to consume on a daily basis, are non-addictive, and have no negative side effects.

We only chose healthy, beneficial ingredients that have shown to have positive health effects over long periods of use.  

At this time, No.  We feel the best way for you to experience Alchemy Blends is through your 30-Day Alchemy Trial Experience.
Best of all for you, it’s free to get started!
Plus our 99-Day Money Back Guarantee makes your subscription risk free.

Limited-Time Offer

"I'm a general contractor. Being focused and aware is very important.  Since putting Alchemy Blends in my coffee I've noticed all-around improvements in my mood and overall attitude.  I have my whole crew on it and we're crushing! Don't wait, get this in your coffee now!"
Matt G
General Contractor & Avid Golfer
"I'm almost 80 and I suffered from brain fog for years without even realizing it.  Alchemy Blends allowed me to clear the fog and bring back so much mental clarity.  My mornings are so much better and I'm more confident my mind will be functioning with better clarity ."
Maryann C
Retired Teacher & Grandmother
"I have a mental illness diagnosis that has been somewhat debilitating for about 10 years. After a couple of months of incorporating Alchemy Blends into my diet, I noticed that my cognitive function, executive functioning skills, and my memory were improving. Instead of adding more pill supplements to my diet, Alchemy Blends has been a yummy way to incorporate these brain health ingredients into my routine."
Jenny Bright
Office Administrator
"I find my life to better with Alchemy Blends. 1 scoop lasts me all through the day. I enjoy the taste of it in my coffee, nothing over-powering. It helps me cognitivly and health-wise. I'm a huge fan! "
Anthony White
Marketing Consultant

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.”

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